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Lending(Hong Kong)

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amplifi by AMP Credit Tech HK Limited
3398 Amplify Capital by AMP Credit Technologies serves needs of small businesses through banks and business service providers. With AMP's innovative credit scoring and loan servicing platform, their partner institutions can make capital easily accessible to small businesses with minimal development effort or investment and on terms that are fair and
3283 Monexo is an online P2P lending marketplace with the goal of providing superior customer experience and removing the friction in the borrowing process with use of robust technology.
3642 MoneySQ is a fundraising and Lending. It is involved in finding various ways to utilize financial technology resources to improve the online lending experience.
Next Chapter
434 Next Chapter is a rewards based Crowdfunding platform supporting female founders, co-founders, or female oriented products. Offering consultation, advice and a rich network of support, campaigners receive a workbook/manual to map out their strategy and expert advice along the way to help them succeed in raising the funds needed to launch. Next Chapter's vision is to change investor language and landscape so that women become more included in the funding process and we contribute to 'moving the needle' in supporting the continued growth of female entrepreneurs businesses.
3482 Qupital is an online invoice financing platform. It allows companies to raise finance against their receivables by connecting them with investors interested in a new asset class.
3340 Velotrade provides a web-based platform which brings together businesses willing to sell their trade receivables to investors willing to advance funds.
Welend by WeLab
3399 WeLab operates numerous online Lendings including Wolaidai, one of China's leading mobile leading platforms, and WeLend, Hong Kong's leading online Lending.
Dynamic Fintech
694 Dynamic Fintech was established since March 2013, as a licensed lending company and developed to be a P2P internet lending company with the using of technology on internet and apps to create a platform efficiently, safely matching the funding need and investment needs between borrowers and lenders.
5D Lend
67 5D Lend Company Limited (' 5D Lend ') is a Hong Kong financial and technological start-up company, mainly engaged in Hong Kong's first and only P2P Lending.