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Others(Hong Kong)

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1961 We provide a comprehensive Digital Coupon platform for the merchant to create, to distribute, to redeem coupons.
803 The SuperCharger is the first FinTech accelerator program dedicated to both startups and more established global companies aiming to capture the Asian growth market.
2136 NexChangers represent a global team of experts from finance, technology, and media that have come together to design a new platform to connect the entire financial services industry.
1145 Bigcolors invests in early stage startups in Asia Pacific and the US.
Next Money
2791 Next Bank the global media/events company has changed its name to Next Money to better reflect its expanded focus across the entire financial services industry. Next Money, is an independent, open and collaborative community driving change for the better in the financial services through design, innovation and entrepreneurship. We run events, conferences, training, workshops, competitions and content creation across the globe, with the community encouraged to run the brand and dialogue.