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InsurTech(Hong Kong)

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Galileo Platforms - Jinjerjade
3428 The Jinjerjade insurance company ratings site is the first of these empowerment tools. It is designed to help consumers decide WHICH insurer to buy from.Building a blockchain-based platform to allow insurers and distributors to sell and administer insurance, enabling a seamless digital customer journey and changing the economics of reaching underserved segments. Matching risk to capital more efficiently and cost-effectively for existing ecosystem participants, and lowering barriers to entry for startup insurers, distributors and InsurTechs.
3745 CCW is an expert broker of superior Hong Kong medical insurance policies, giving users additional options to access superior healthcare services outside of the government-run public system. The company is simplifying insurance and simplifying medical insurance in Hong Kong to make options clear.
Edirectinsure Group
3759 Edirectinsure Group operates leading online insurance platform in Asia, offering non-life insurance to consumers at a price they can afford, in a language they can understand in a fastest, easiest and most flexible way.
Gen Life
3595 Gen Life is initially operating as an R&D collaborating with leading insurers. Gen Life uses AI, distributed ledger technology, and the cloud to deliver the highest quality risk management, lowest distribution and transaction cost whilst delivering the most engaging and frictionless customer experience.
3662 Seasonalife is the first insurance robo-advisor in Asia. Seasonalife is an online platform for millennials to research, compare and purchase insurance products in a smarter way. The company aims to consistently deliver high-quality advice that can be scaled at a much lower cost compared to traditional distribution channels.
365 As a startup Fintech company located at Cyberport, WESURANCE is an R&D centre that uses AI to provide extraordinary user experience in purchasing insurance for the new generation.
1050 CoverGo is a free mobile app that consolidates insurance policies from all providers in one place to create a digital insurance wallet. The app also automatically summarises your insurance portfolio to help you understand what policies you have and don't have.