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Business Tools(Hong Kong)

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Seed Alpha Limited
3646 Research maangement and analytics system helping Buy Side clients with research.
349 We provide our clients and partners with the knowledge, best practices, easy-to-use tools, on-going support and a secure and dedicated infrastructure to fully capitalise on projected exponential growth in mobile wallet marketing. Innovation & implementation services Our resources, knowhow and experience enable businesses to secure a valuable head start on mobile wallet marketing, and stay ahead in the future. Online Self-serve solutions Our set of modular routines, protocols, tools and analytics allow businesses to build and continually improve online-to-offline business applications and processes. Scalable Infrastructure Our Robust and scalable carrier-grade infrastructure means businesses can easily start and affordably handle projected exponential growth in mobile wallet engagement marketing.
3586 We help companies across Asia Pacific to get closer to their customers with our leading location-based services & analytics platform. Our technology adds real-world context to your digital interactions. We believe that 'location' is a critical new ingredient in how you target and influence your customers. We're excited at the prospect of taking the next step with you! .
Veridate Financial
1298 Veridate automates investor onboarding, administration, accounting and reporting for PE firms and Hedge Funds. Veridate delivers an automated investor onboarding process that provides an improved level of client engagement and offers our clients a distinct competitive advantage. Veridate are leading the way in digital KYC and AML processes and procedures. Highlights include: Providing a simple and non-intrusive user experience One centralized system for all Compliance activities with digital output Automates all independent third party KYC/AML checks and provides log and date records Reporting capability to the individual or enterprise level which is fully customizable to provide the desired output Approval workflow and audit history documenting all activity
931 Eureka will be launching soon. They are building an intelligent interface for the enterprise resources and helping companies re-think how their employees and clients access and use their datasets, analytics and workflows in the emerging robots era.
1183 FinFabrik is a financial technology company that combines comprehensive business advice with delivering tailored IT solutions - all under one roof. The company explores and defines strategy and operations with the client; builds technology, and runs infrastructure allowing businesses to focus on what is most important: the customer.
324 Helios is an AI platform. It converts complex data into actionable strategy. They use AI, statistical modeling, and applied decision theory to deliver AI solutions for their clients.
i2i Logic
1740 i2i Logic builds and customises client engagement platforms for bankers to use with their clients in the institutional and commercial markets.
1515 Ibox is a mobile Payments service for acquiring banking cards that enables its users to run their businesses from anywhere.