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Blockchain(Hong Kong)

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3325 Melotic is creating a way to send and receive money, using bitcoin. The company is developing a mobile application that lets users send, receive, and convert money from their phone. Same currency transactions are free, and exchange rates are close to the interbank rate.
Galileo Platforms
3461 Blockchain-based platform to allow insurers and distributors to sell and administer insurance, enabling a seamless digital customer journey and changing the economics of the reaching underserved segments. Matching risk to capital more efficiently and cost-effectively, and lowering barriers to entry for startup insurers, distributors and InsurTechs.
925 Gatecoin, founded in 2013 by former investment banking professionals, is a regulated blockchain assets exchange designed to serve high volume traders and financial institutions around the world. Leveraging the firm's blockchain technology expertise, Gatecoin also consults banks, exchanges and corporates on the development, integration and implementation of distributed ledger technologies, such as smart contracts and blockchain securitized assets.
Xnotes Alliance
1445 XNotes Alliance Limited is a company registered under the Hong Kong Business Registration Ordinance since April, 14th, 2014. XNotes Alliance is a technology company and member organization that provides business-driven, currency agnostic and energy-efficient enterprise class blockchain-based solutions.
Molecular Future
3392 Molecular Future is a one-stop digital asset management platform, helping investors and start-ups alike navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies.