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Big Data & Analytics(Hong Kong)

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3661 Paycelerate is a service platform that uses a marketplace model to match supply and demand of short-term working capital. It operates discrete marketplaces between buyers and their suppliers where parties an agree to deals to accelerate Payments of invoices.
3440 Insurance comparison, advisory, and sales with AI automatic underwriting and pricing: Simple buying process (based on our intesive experience in insurance and technology) AI Chat Bot AI automatic policy underwriting AI automatic insurance product
8 Securities
3309 Asia's first and only private social network, global trading, and automated Wealth Management platform for individual investors. Serving investor needs with ease of information for informed investment decisions, convenient online access, and customized trading portals are strengths that differentiate this company. Innovative and secure, 8 Securities is the next-generation social trading and online Wealth Management platform in Southeast Asia and Japan. The company operates out of Hong Kong and Tokyo, serving over 50,000 clients encompassing more than $1 billion (USD) in assets. The company is the most powerful online trading service bringing speed, global access and ease of use to the forefront. Clients can trade 24/7 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and American Stock Exchange.
3334 Aidiya was founded in Hong Kong in October 2011 by a team of computer scientists and financial market veterans. They deploy artificial general intelligence (AGI) technology to identify patterns and predict price movements in global financial markets.
316 AIMPACT Limited ("AIMPACT") is a fast-growing company formed by a group of seasoned financial experts with strong business network and solid track record in running business and hands-on experience in both creation and implementation of different business models. The mission of AIMPACT is to be one of the world's leading online platforms for finance community by connecting the world's finance professionals and those who need funds for businesses, to enable them to be more efficient and productive. To facilitate the daily business of AIMPACT's users, we have developed powerful functions on our platform covering investor relationship management, equity screening, fund searching, online and face-to-face networking, online cardholder management as well as jobs matching system, in particular for the finance sector.
3500 BrokerFabrik is an all-in-one software that integrates a unique client trading experiences with a robust operational backbone. The software runs on a flexible modular architecture allowing practical customization to perfectly fit unique requirements.
Ironfly Technologies
3462 Ironfly Technologies is a trading platform. It provides a combined order and execution management system for equities and equity derivatives.
3469 Lattice is an intellectual property (IP) driven capital-markets FinTech company, focusing on developing front-office portfolio decision-support platform that enables return, risk and cost-aware portfolio investment processes with analytical precision.
Oxon Compliance
1053 Oxon Compliance is a professional provider of industry solutions and custom services to financial institutions and asset management firms. The company offers Compliance services for the building of portfolio analytics reporting platform (performance database, portfolio analytics reporting, factsheet production and cloud-based report distribution solutions) to asset management firms and pension plan sponsors. Oxon also offers a number of pragmatic tools for performance and portfolio analytics reporting.
3650 Quantifeed is a digital Wealth Management solutions provider focused on financial institutions in Asia. Quantifeed's automated and configurable Investment Management allows banks, brokers and wealth planners to offer their customers a digital investing experience under their own brand. The online platform enables users to invest in portfolios of stocks, funds and other asset classes across all major global markets.
3616 SmartAlpha is an online data and portfolio management platform dedicated to quantitative investment strategies, including smart beta and risk premia indices. Launched in 2016, the company caters mainly to large institutional investors like sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, private banks and family offices. It aims to improve transparency and access to data in the fast-growing quant index market. SmartAlpha acts as a marketing platform for index providers, and an investment management platform for professional investors.
Octagon Strategy Limited
1804 Octagon Strategy Limited is a privately-owned company specializing in commodity and digital asset trading across international markets. They offer services in the finance industry with market insights, network of relationships, trading acumen, and trading strategies.
336 Tapeke is a zero-knowledge personal finance application specifically designed for users of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Tapeke helps bitcoin enthusiasts see the full scope of their crypto-wealth at a glance. The dashboard displays customizable details and summaries of inflows, expenditures, and balances using the public addresses from any or all wallets a user may have.
You Technologies
1241 You Technologies provides technologies and financial services to financial institutes.The first product on our journey to become a fully digital bank will be a pre-paid multi-currency travel card. We want our customers to enjoy a borderless and uninterrupted travel experience. It's easy to lose track of your spending while traveling and finding the best exchange rates can be time consuming affair. With our multi-currency travel card you can have full control over your expenses with real time spending notifications to your mobile and have the piece of mind that comes with choosing the most favorable inter-bank exchange rates as and when it suits you.
1202 ExtractAlpha creates and curates unique, actionable data sets and quantitative equity models for institutional investors.
1566 WeConvene was launched in 2012 by former investment professionals and IT experts who noticed the time wasted in organising Corporate Access and Analyst Marketing events. So we came up with the perfect automated solution. Their team has deep domain expertise in finance and corporate access combined with a passion for creating intelligent, easy to use and intuitive web based applications. Our technology is designed to scale and meet the needs of both regional and global clientele. In 2014 WeConvene acquired Extel Surveys, the host of Europe's leading investor survey. Extel has years of experience conducting bespoke market studies and surveys, and brings to WeConvene it's successful broker vote platform. They have personnel in Hong Kong, Sydney, London, New York and Manila.