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Risk Management(Germany)

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1920 Alyne is an IT driven platform for defining common rules, assessing adherence and identifying related risk. The platform supports organisations in implementing legal and regulatory requirements across industry sectors, determining maturity, aligning with industry standards and sharing subject matter expertise. Alyne provides membership to the platform, usage of centrally hosted software and related consulting services.
2841 The riskmethods mission is to provide full transparency about risk exposures in 1-n-tier supply chains. The cloud-based, real SaaS-solution supports geo-based modeling of complex supply chains, automated risk monitoring incl. alerting, data/risk visualization in interactive geo-heat-maps and powerful realtime analytics. We enable companies to early-identify risks, set-up risk mitigation programs and to share structured risk intelligence across the whole customer network to generate even more risk transparency
646 FintecSystems provides banks, financial services companies, and payment processors with real-time data to make financial decisions. FintecSystems was founded by Stefan Krautkrämer and Dirk Rudolf in March 2014 and is based in Munich, Germany FinTecSystems is a platform to reduce credit and fraud risk by utilizing information from accessing online bank accounts. It provides real-time validation of bank accounts, account holders and balance checks to minimize credit and fraud risk.