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794 Clark is an insurance platform providing transparent, cheap and comprehensive insurance coverage. By combining technology and insurance expertise, Clark offers users simple, fair and customer-centric insurance advice. The Berlin-based company was founded in June 2015 by Dr. Christopher Oster and Steffen Glomb. Clark is supported by FinTech incubator FinLeap and the insurance think tank ITA - "Institute for Transparency".
2640 Founded in 2015, Getsafe is one of the pioneers in the European InsurTech scene. Having started with a mobile insurance manager for over 20´000 customers, Getsafe is now evolving to an insurance company. Following a multi-line insurance approach, Getsafe offers combinable modules to protect all important areas of a person’s life. Customers can adapt their coverage to new life situations within seconds, as well as file claims via app. As the first insurer in Europe, Getsafe is introducing a give-back based insurance model: Any leftover premiums will be donated to charities, so that Getsafe won´t profit from rejecting claims.
2116 simplesurance operates in all 28 EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, US & Canada and develops innovative cross-selling solutions for eCommerce shops to combine traditional insurance industries with fast-paced digital business. simplesurance's solution enables e-tailors to cross-sell product insurances within -but not only- their checkout processes and even before. Therewith online-shops are able to monetize their customers twice in one process and gain additional margins and profit. More than 2,000 partners including many well-known eCommerce platforms and mobile electronic manufacturers, use the innovative power and flexibility of the company’s cross-selling platform. Additionally, simplesurance offers to all customers an innovative digital broker service to manage all of their insurances on their smartphones, easy and completely paperless
1707 OTTOnova is developing a digital health insurance platform for people in Germany. Curently, the company is waiting for regulatory approval from Financial Supervisory Authority as of June 2017.
2415 Friendsurance operates on a peer-to-peer insurance concept, which rewards small groups of users with a cash back bonus at the end of each year they remain claimless. The company’s claims-free bonus is available on a range of retail products in Germany: home contents, private liability, and legal expenses insurances. Friendsurance was co-founded by Janis Meyer-Plath, Sebastian Herfurth, and Tim Kunde in 2010 and is based in Berlin, Germany
2827 Finanzchef24 is a German online broker and comparison portal for business insurance. Finanzchef24 services SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) and makes buying business insurance as easy as possible. The company developed a proprietary insurance underwriting and comparison software to enable thousands of different businesses and professions to receive individual and tailored insurance quotes online. Finanzchef24 works directly with all major business insurers in Germany - from Allianz to Zurich. The Munich based start-up was named fastest-growing fintech in the 2016/2017 ranking issued by Axel Springer publication Gründerszene and KPM
2860 Bisure is a digital platform for commercial insurance. It enables tender research, comparison, tendering, consultation, and application submission including online contract management.
1544 Getsurance is a Robo Advisor for insurance, specializing in biometric risk (occupational disability, life, care etc.). The company designs algorithms and responsive interfaces to analyze personal risk, customize policies, and intermediate curated products with an end-to-end digital process. At the same time the team is designing highly flexible insurance products for the digital customer. The company was founded in 2016 by the brothers Dr. Johannes Becher and Dr. Viktor Becher and closed a business angel round in May 2016, led by Germany’s leading Insurance Rating Agency Franke & Bornberg. The team consists of 12 software and insurance specialists and operates at WeWork / SonyCenter Berlin
2967 Mobilversicher is the digital interface for brokers to the customers and product partners. It supports the agent in the administration, the app creates direct customer contact. The company provides a personalized brokerage portal and mobile application for end-users to manage insurance contracts without contacting an intermediary agent. The automated processes allow users to manage large insurance stocks efficiently. The app can be downloaded for free and the company currently does not charge users.
INSURGRAM (ChatDichSicher)
2009 Insurgram (formerly ChatDichSicher) helps user to find insurance via chat. User can send a message via facebook.
2864 Bike-ID is a bicycle insurance platfrom. It offers a free international bicycle registry, security marking kit, and insurance for bicycles. With security label and trace signs bearing the registration number of the bike, the database can help to identify its owner, even if the number of the frame is removed.
1425 financeAds International GmbH is a performance marketing agency with a focus on the financial sector. We help financial service providers to market their products and services online, offering a broad range of financial publishers and large expertise in performance marketing. Founded in March 2015 as a joint venture between FinLeap GmbH and financeAds GmbH & CO, we're operating in Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Poland. Our strong team, led by Hakan Oezal and Alvise Perissinotto, counts +25 online marketers with financial expertise.
INSURANCE HERO (Haftpflicht Helden)
1326 Insurance Hero is a private liability insurance platform. It helps users to pay regular annual fee by social credits which can earn for product referrals.
2952 Connects insurances to brokers that consult their customers completely digital. The vision is to create a single protection for all risks in life in real time based on actually exposed risk. ONE is fully integrated in the wefox platform.
2128 Insurance was born to protect peoples interests, a wonderful cause! But the insurance empire is broken and it’s time to strike back at its legacy infrastructure, organizational design and products built for broker intermediaries rather than around customer. Coya offers a new hope, by redesigning and extending the insurance value chain, working backwards from the customers real life needs. Coya will offer scalable protection at the point of need with an AI risk guardian and simple, transparent and personalized insurance cover. Designed from the ground up to manage life’s risks and join our customer’s journey.