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Investment Management(Germany)

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Scalable Capital
2825 Founded in 2014, with offices in Munich and London, we are a young financial technology startup with excellent funding by prominent VCs. Please visit our website for more information. We are constantly looking for the best candidates, so please look out for our job postings. Scalable Capital refers to Scalable Capital GmbH and the affiliated companies. If this online presence contains information regarding capital markets, financial instruments and/or other topics relevant for investments of assets, the exclusive purpose of this information is to give general guidance on the financial services provided by Scalable Capital Limited and Scalable Capital Vermögensverwaltung GmbH.
262 Giromatch offers innovative financial solutions and creates advantages for banks & B2B partners with a fully automated loan solution. Giromatch is a platform that connects investors and borrowers in a common German portfolio(Investment product). Investors receive automatically diversified loan portfolio with an attractive interest rate. Borrowers receive a cheap online credit in a fast and digitized process.
1912 As leading German robo advisor vaamo is dedicated to providing private individuals with an easy and intuitive access to capital markets in order to enable everyone to invest their money profitably and at minimum cost. In order to make investing accessible to everyone we focus on personal financial goals such as an early retirement or the education of your children, provide customers with relevant guidance and advice at their finger tips and ensure an excellent customer service experience. At the same time we provide direct access to an investment concept that follows Nobel prize winning scientific research and enables customers to invest in broadly diversified investment portfolios based on low-cost passive investment strategies – and all that without minimum term or investment and at one low all-in fee
504 easyfolio offers three investment strategies - easyfolio 30, easyfolio 50 and easyfolio70. All strategies invest with different weights - according to your personal risk assessment - completely transparent in a basket of stocks and bonds, which reflects the global economy.
222 Ideatrade helps startups raise capital to implement their business idea. Ideatrade also allows investors to realize money on startup investors instantly.
2938 We believe real estate is an asset class bound for big changes. Our mission is to make investing in European real estate as easy & rewarding as investing in market-priced, publicly-traded stock. By providing an online real estate investment market network open to everybody, we connect real estate project sponsors with investors based on a security-grade investment product. We strive for a new level of transparency, low-cost distribution, and attractive returns in real estate investing - build on proprietary technology. We are a team of experienced founders with a background in finance, strategy consulting and FinTech startups. Learn more & get in touch at
2400 moneyFilter is an online investment management tool that helps private investors to make smart decisions on their investments and also helps to save money for asset management. moneyFilter supports the investment strategy and the selection of specific financial products. With money filter, the investor also finds the right securities custodian bank and a good overnight money account.
2618 United Signals provides outstanding digital asset management solutions for investors and professional financial services providers. United Signals gives investors online access to financial market professionals and makes their certified investment strategies transparent available. The company offers White-Label Solutions to banks, investment companies, as well as asset managers, family offices, and hedge funds.
2785 Digital banking solutions for financial inclusion. Vink stands as a bridge between the classic banking, and the most innovative financial technologies. We build state of the art software on legacy systems with security, inclusiveness and accessibility in mind. Services: We provide our partners and customers, e.g. financial institutions, with digital banking capabilities. Our solutions remove existent inefficiencie and frictions by building resilient software on legacy systems. With digital currency we enable our customers to reach their most remote customers. Technology: We build in-house solutions, to offer a multi-channel distribution for digital money. We are working hard to provide relevant services, based on the most innovative financial technologies: - Distributed architecture. - Hardened software and infrastructure. - Light weight applications. Team: We are a group of reserachers with years of experience in our respective fields. Our team relies on multi-disciplinary knowledge in both Banking and Computer Science. We provide the relevant technical solutions for the relevant functional needs. Values: We believe in the ability of modern technology to spread information and wealth, and improve human condition. We understand and harness the power of financial inclusion for under-served populations. We contribute to new paradigms
2587 iFunded is the new online market place for global online real estate investments using the state of the art technology. iFunded makes real estate investing highly accessible, simple, transparent and affordable. Private & institutional Investors can invest alongside experts from the real estate industry and participate in the development of selected real estate projects and generate high returns. Real Estate Developers get access to an alternative financing opportunity. In addition they can increase public awareness in the early phase of their project and profit from the marketing effect on the platform of iFunded. iFunded accompanies you as an investor throughout the entire investing process: from selecting the right real estate project for you from our platform, to the right investment strategy for you, to continuous information on your current investments. In order to provide you with a variety of real estate projects, we cooperate with national and international building contractors and project developers. Our investments are transparent - you can inform yourself on the progress of the project you invested in at any time online. Your private / institutional investor dashboard will supply you with current market data and reports
2984 Quirion is the first online platform for digital asset management. It allows private investors a clever and stress-free asset on the Internet from the sofa. It offers a novel and commission-free online asset management to radically favorable conditions.
837 Clinc is the mobile App that saves and invests money automatically. Saving money has never been this easy. It allows seamlessly connect checking account, credit cards and other monthly expenditures to calculate a savings plan that is right. It will instantly identify how you can successfully reach any goal, easier than ever before.
2627 Zinsbaustein is a real estate investing platform. It offers individual investors access to institutional grade real estate development investments.
556 Unternehmerich is the marketplace for corporate finance and investment platform. The platform brings companies with financing needs together with private and institutional investors. Starting at € 250, investors can give their capital to selected companies and create their own investment portfolio with attractive returns. Companies have the opportunity to present their projects on the marketplace from a financing volume of € 50,000.
2797 GreenXmoney is a trading platform for green energy returns. The builders of green power plants find funding to build additional power stations. The money investor finds a simple and above all flexible investment opportunity. Everyone should be able to invest with a good sense in the future of our society.