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946 Bitbond is a peer-to-peer bitcoin lending platform. Users can borrow bitcoins or lend bitcoins to other users. Bitbond conducts a credit rating for all borrowers before they can publish projects on its marketplace.
2508 Bitwala was built on the importance of having financial freedom and the possibility to live on Bitcoin exclusively. We provide efficient, mass payouts in over 20 world currencies to private and business clients. We bring the best exchange rates at a low 0.5% fee. We offer the world's leading prepaid card for bitcoiners to easily spend bitcoin or altcoins anywhere easily, encrypted multisig bitcoin wallets, and a feature-packed, user friendly mobile app available on Android and iOS
937 Welcome to BlockPay - The New Payments Era BlockPay allows any merchant (retail, grocery chains, restaurants, vending machines, petrol stations, kiosks, etc.) to accept one or more digital currencies at zero cost! BlockPay is an easy, fast & cost-efficient platform that supports all of the new digital currencies (like Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum, Dash and Smartcoins) plus regular debit, credit, and gift cards. BlockPay runs standalone (App) or integrated (e.g. Odoo) with existing systems, and is available worldwide in 44 languages. With just a couple taps, the merchant provides the amount due to the customer. The customer uses their Wallet of choice to instantly pay via QR Code or NFC. BlockPay sends the eReceipt automatically to the customer's phone, along with any Loyalty Points earned. From customer to customer, just 8 seconds on average. Faster and safer than cash, it's another path to profits!
2656 Fidop is a global remittances at extremely low cost, instantly, to anywhere in the world. The transfers are secured in bitcoin while simultaneously keeping bitcoin invisible to users.