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526 Zeitgold frees small businesses from paperwork. By combining experts and AI, the company offers an end-to-end solution for managing the financials of cafes, restaurants, small retailers, and craftsmen. Zeitgold empowers the owners to get bookkeeping, payroll, invoice Payments, collections and coordination with the tax advisor done in less than 10 minutes per day on their smartphones, saving around 10 hours per week.
1986 The Bitcoin Bookkeeper. Bookkeeping software-as-a-service for Bitcoin. Staying compliant while using Bitcoin is difficult as there are several regulatory obstacles. We are building the tools for businesses that want to integrate Bitcoin into their operations. Coyno UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is based in Berlin.
968 Avuba brings a modern mobile-first bank account and payment products to market. They believe that today’s bank accounts are outdated and that the world deserves a new kind of bank account: Easy to setup and simple to use everyday and everywhere, intelligent and supportive towards its owner and secure enough to power the next generation of online payments.
2834 Invoice en Route is an mobile application for invoicing. It is android application to create invoices and quotes on mobile and tablet. The user can send the invoices directly to the customer through the application. Some of the features are invoice creation, the status of the quotes and invoices, and tax calculation etc.
1185 Buchhaltungs Butler automatizes the financial accounting process. Its technology understands invoices, matches receipts with the respective bank transaction and automatically generates accounting records.
2458 Albus White is online accountant for financial and payroll accounting. It gives receipts and book all business transactions completely without effort. The monthly evaluation will be delivered in a great dashboard, in which most important key figures can seen, but all documents are arranged behind bookings and save so much time and effort. The offer links to external websites of third parties on whose content we have no influence.