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2448 Kapilendo is an innovative online credit market place that enables small and medium-sized companies to make cheap, fast and unbureaucratic financing by private investors in comparison to banks. The funding candidates are subjected to a credit check at the highest level by kapilendo AG and then presented on the platform. This gives investors the opportunity to decide in which projects they are investing and to achieve an attractive return and a high diversification of the risk already with low investment yields.
1996 Companisto is an equity crowdinvesting platform for startups. It enables investors to participate in the funding of companies with an investment of their choice, and in return share profits and increases in value of the startup or property. Based in Berlin, Germany, Companisto was launched by David Rhotert and Tamo Zwinge in June 2012
570 99funken is a crowdfunding platform which combine the strengths of regional savings banks with the possibilities for interaction and communication on the Internet. It support people in the implementation of the ideas through personal support, imparting know-how, help with communication and financial participation.
910 Angelop Crowdservices is a provider of cloud-based white-label crowdfunding solutions for SMBs.
1382 Altruja GmbH offers Internet-based social fundraising software to collect donations online. The company also provides services, such as Altruja-SMS, an SMS fundraising campaign; and social media consulting, consultancy of fan Websites, establishment and maintenance of Twitter accounts, and programming of homepages. Altruja was founded in 2010 and is based in Munich, Germany
2464 Sponsort is the first crowdfunding community for urban projects in the Rhein-Neckar region using the creative power of the people and local industry. Artists, inventors and social entrepreneurs present their unique ideas to collect funds with the help of supporters as well as local organizations and companies. Discover new and innovative ideas to improve civic life. as local organizations and firms.
2578 Seedshirt is a crowdfunding platform for custom apparel. It can sell without any pre-cost and risk of overproductions, great shirts & immediately online on a separate, limited-time campaign site or pre order from the group. People can create a customised T-shirt on the platform and launch campaign.
2545 Manage Your Deal is an online crowdinvesting platform. It provides an infrastructure to manage the fundraising process and investor relation, going in innovative ways to simplify the experience of early stage investments. It offer services and management features enabling investors and entrepreneurs to seamlessly and efficiently manage the entire investing process.
2936 Katrim is a service and crowding platform. The investors want to invest exclusively in long-standing owners and family run and on the other hand solid that open to private investors and invite to invest in growth and future in addition to the existing financing structures.
2905 Investofolio is a crowdfunding platform. It offers good interest rates and high profits even with small amounts can finance smart ideas and profit from the success. It also gives the opportunity to invest in crowdfunding projects from different industries and to create own portfolio.
2738 Kalemdo is a crowdfunding platform. The firm specializes in creative director with an immigrant background. The backers get non monetary rewards in return for the contribution. It follows all or nothing model and charges the amount raised as a commission.
2700 Exporo is an innovative Internet platform that offers investors the opportunity to participate in attractive real estate projects through crowdinvesting.