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Autologyx (NowWeComply)
1866 enables companies of any size to automate even the most complex business admin process simply. Delivering the kind of powerful workflow automation that was previously only available to large enterprise at a price that is compelling to everyone. No matter what sector or business you are in, autologyx can help. With applications from Staffing and HR through to education, retail , finance and manufacturing, autologyx is used by many businesses to simplify admin, massively improve efficiency and drive growth. With an easy-to-use workflow editor reducing the mapping of even the most complicated admin processes to a simple task and featuring powerful scheduling, document automation, electronic document signing (including multi-stage signoff ), autologyx simultaneously provides admin and process managers with realtime process views and complete span-of-control management from anywhere. You can discover for yourself just how much difference autologyx can make to your business and test drive us today