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Payments / Remittances(Cambridge)

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1237 Bango is the standard platform chosen by leading global stores to deliver mobile payments to everyone. As the next billion consumers adopt their first smartphone and look for universal payment methods, Bango will be there to unlock the world of apps, video, music, games and other content that brings those smartphones to life. Global stores plugging into the Bango Payment Platform include Amazon, Google, Samsung and Microsoft. Bango also partners with leading payment providers around the world to drive new users and revenues through its industry-leading mobile payment solutions. Visit:
470 Handpoint provides a complete payment solution as a service for next generation Point of Sale, delivering pre-certified chip (EMV) and contactless (incl. Apple PayTM) payments to POS developers with just a few lines of code, without having to go through any certifications at all. Handpoint has been a global innovator in payments, winning both the prestigious FinTech Innovation Award 2015 for Mobile POS and the Payments Awards 2014 for the world's first PCI-certified point-to-point encryption for mobile (PCI-P2PE). Handpoint provides this payment service with sleek card readers in North America, Europe and South-Africa. Learn more at and download our freely available simple APIs and SDKs at Read on and explore why “NextGenPOS to Cash registers are what PCs were to Typewriters” as well as related topics by primary Fintech though leaders. *NextGenPOS = {Tablet POS, iPad POS, Mobile POS, mPOS, queue buster…}
1281 Money Mover’s core focus is to provide the mass affluent and SMEs - which are under-served by banks and other payments providers - with simple, transparent and low-cost payments across currencies. In order to differentiate from its competitors, Money Mover has developed a web application which provides rich functionality (integration with accounts, reports, tools and services) as a core part of our service. Money Mover charges a single fee per payment, which is linked to the transaction size. All costs, charges and fees are included in the fee quoted. There are no hidden costs or membership fees.