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Headqurter Beckingham,Lincolnshire,United Kingdom
Description Brands, loyalty operators and retailers all want to innovate in-store to help drive better and more profitable customer engagements. The Point of Sale (POS) is central to this environment and any innovation that needs to interact with it, including paper coupons, digital coupons, price-comparison, loyalty programs, social media, mobile wallets, etc. Until now, POS changes have been costly and time consuming projects, exacerbated by the many varieties of POS units both within and across retailers and the vendor lock-in that POS providers wield. Consequently, POS changes are often strategic bets requiring high-level sponsorship and commitment – the very antithesis of ‘test and learn’. Sparkle for the first time provides a solution that, without POS software integration, converts the POS into a platform that can be dynamically updated with new functionality (POS Apps) that can interact in real-time with loyalty programs, mobile phones, social media sites, ecommerce sites and bespoke customer interactions. Sparkle is creating the App Store for POS.
Founded Year 2011-00-00
Number of Employees 11-50