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Startup List

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TechProcess Payment Services (Part of Ingenico Group)
3789 TechProcess is one of India’s leading payment solutions and services companies. They represent a perfect amalgamation of expertise, resources and opportunities. They are trusted by some of the most respected brands in corporate India. From large utilities and e-commerce portals to telecoms, banks and finance companies. Educational Institutes and Insurance companies too use their products and platforms
3788 Toyro Inc. is a company that offers an online insurance platform for customers.
3787 PayNearMe operates the world's only real-time electronic cash payment network. It is used by financial institutions, utilities companies, property managers and other businesses to digitize the cash collection process--eliminating the risks and operational costs of handling cash as well as other manual collection methods such as money orders. Consumers can conveniently pay with cash for rent, utilities, online purchases and more in their own neighborhood stores. PayNearMe's network of payment locations includes over 17,000 7-Eleven® and Family Dollar® stores across the United States, many of which are open 24/7. The transaction takes less than 60 seconds. There are no forms to fill out, and the consumer's account with the biller is credited in real time. At the core of PayNearMe is a flexible technology platform that's designed to accommodate endless number of payment use-cases, as well as multiple integration and configuration options enabling businesses in any industry to start offering PayNearMe with minimal technical effort and no business process reengineering. With its proprietary embedded barcode technology, PayNearMe supports mobile, web, printed, magnetic card and in-bill (EBPP) payment options.
3786 itBit offers powerful bitcoin trading services built for institutions and trading professionals. Their services include a global bitcoin exchange and OTC trading desk.
3785 Echofin is a communication platform for Financial Traders. Chat powered with financial widgets, webinars and signals
3784 Epiphyte develops enterprise software allowing banks and other financial institutions to securely integrate with the Bitcoin and crypto-finance industry. Epiphyte provides a range of turn-key SaaS products in addition to consulting and regulatory services.
3783 Tala is an innovative, fast-paced mobile technology start-up, that provides a credit scoring and reporting platform to financial services institutions in emerging countries.
3782 EarlyShares is a crowdfunding platform that connects individual investors to a curated selection of vetted, return-driven real estate investment offerings. Through the compliant platform, investors gain direct access to opportunities in growth companies, real estate projects, and investment funds. Investors can either invest as passive owners in equity opportunities brought forward by sponsors or in loans originated by institutional lenders. EarlyShares was launched in 2011 and is based in Miami, Florida.
BATS Global Markets
3781 BATS was founded in June 2005 in a time when market innovation and technology leadership were at risk due to over consolidation in the ECN and Exchange industry. Independent market centers were being bought up, and the number of credible places to trade were rapidly decreasing.
3780 With 34,000 signups, Compass is the leading solution for automated management reports and benchmarks for small and medium-sized online businesses. Compass is made for executives who seek visibility on how to improve their business’ ROI without having to rely on an analyst or a consultant. Compass automatically prepares best-practice reports and benchmarks for your weekly and monthly business meetings. You get your first interactive report in less than 2 minutes after signing up. Simply connect the tools you use to manage your business and Compass will create your tailored report.
State Street Corporation
3779 State Street is a leading financial services provider serving some of the world's most sophisticated institutions. They offer a flexible suite of services that spans the investment spectrum, including investment management, research and trading, and investment servicing.
CriAT - Deep Credit Analytical Technologies
3778 CriAT is a Singapore-registered FinTech company specializing in Deep Credit Analytical Technologies. It provides Deep Credit Analytics products and services to financial institutions through utilizing innovative AI and machine learning technologies combined with established econometrics and statistical inference. The CriAT core team comes from the senior roles of the Credit Research Initiative team at the National University of Singapore.
Professional Bank
3777 Professional Bank was founded by professionals for professionals. Our purpose is to deliver extraordinary, personalized, concierge-style banking services to our distinguished and discerning customers. We provide a human touch enriched by a wealth of insight. Our customers know we understand their needs and are dedicated to helping them achieve their financial goals.
3776 Hummingbill is a B2B invoice platform that helps vendors and enterprises run more efficiently, using email plugins.
3775 WealthNavi, Inc. offers a platform for asset managers which uses risk management algorithm for asset management advice.
Money Design
3774 MONEY DESIGN offers automated investment management and advisory services.
3773 Folio develops next generation on-line trading platform for both passive and active stock traders.
Focus Financial Partners
3772 Focus Financial Partners, LLC, the largest partnership of independent wealth management firms.
3771 CoinHako is a Bitcoin wallet service for consumers to buy, sell and secure their Bitcoins.
3770 AlphaSense is the intelligent Search Engine that provides sophisticated semantic analytics to give you an unprecedented information edge