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Ned Phillips
Role : Founder & CEO
Company : Bambu
Gender : Female

I am the Founder of Bambu. A B2B robo-advisor software firm based in Singapore that offers digital wealth services to all companies looking to tap into the rapid change of financial technology. Bambu started in February 2016 and within two months secured its first contract. Bambu has partnered with world leading companies such as Thomson Reuters to create a cutting edge Robo Advisory service that is scalable and usable by our customers. I have been based in Asia for 25 years. Have been in FinTech since 1999. I have been through the first dot com wave in the early 2000's with E*TRADE. I was part of the transformation of stock exchange technology with the SGX and Chi-X in the late 2000's and early part of this decade and now see this FinTech wave as the culmination of the advances over the last 20 years. Bambu is positioned to be a leading FinTech player through Asia.