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Rune Evensen
Role : Founder & Visionary Officer
Company : COSS
Gender : Female

"The fintech industry is so new that we are all considered its students" Rune Evensen,Visionary Officer at Rune is a Norway-born business and start-ups consultant, entrepreneur and public speaker, who founded and co-founded multiple Internet companies throughout his career, that includes 18-year experience in the top field leadership collaborating with the multinational teams. At the moment, Rune lives and works in Singapore, from where he has been exploring the possibilities of the Asian market during his many travels. Rune's expertise lies in the field of the New Marketing Strategies. To be more precise, he is helping startups to get started from the very early development stage, which includes market developing, branding and literally anything to get you running. Rune also knows a thing or two about the sales and marketing industry and assists businesses in developing business plans, business plans, go to market strategies, incorporation, licensing, basically everything from A to Z of the new business startup. Rune nicknamed his Consultancy company Exulto a Venture intelligence company (not a Venture Capital Company in the traditional sense), because the company accepts equity as compensation for guiding the industry beginners towards success with confidence and determination. His main drive the past 4 years has been to build a true one-stop solution, and through COSS.IO he is well on his way to achieve this. In spite of his high professionalism, Rune is also a diligent student eager to master his skills in the Fintech industry. Finding time in his busy schedule at attend courses, seminars and multiple speeches in order to add knowledge about the innovative industry of Fintech/Blockchain and the world of cryptocurrencies.