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Rosaline Koo
Role : Founder & CEO
Company : CXA group
Gender : Female

Frustrated by the lack of technology to meet unaddressed client pain points, Rosaline invested $5M of her savings and borrowed another $5M to build CXA. Now CXA has 500 corporate clients, is valued at more than $100m with $33M in VC funding to expand to 10 countries across Asia. CXA has won innovation awards in HR, Healthcare and Insurance and was awarded Women Entrepreneur by Mediacorp. Rosaline supervised Procter & Gamble factory lines in Iowa and then worked at Bankers Trust on Wall Street. She launched two dot-com start-ups before moving to ACE insurance. Rosaline also grew Mercer Marsh Benefits' 14 APAC countries 800% over 8 years. She graduated from UCLA Cybernetics and Columbia Business School.